Burano Island, Venice, Italy

Tiny, bright and colourful, this enchanted island situated a few minutes by boat from Venice is a “must see”. As Murano its neighbour island is all about glass, Burano is all about LACE..Exquisite lace… Entrances, a joy to capture all the colours LACE…exquisite Lace… A day trip is enough to take in the beauty of this island.. Ferries from Venice run every day and offer … Continue reading Burano Island, Venice, Italy

French Flamand Rose

Wild life photography and stunning landscapes on the southern coast of France. We chose to go in winter as the pink of the bird’s plummage is brighter (something about the krill they eat), and at sunset when the gold lights up the water AND when the wind is weak for better reflections. Those conditions combined plus a lovely gentle walk around the lakes appreciating the … Continue reading French Flamand Rose

See Naples and Die…Really?

Not COVID related. No joke intended. The famous 18th century quote “See Naples and Die” no longer applies many travellers would argue. However the brave and discerning travel photographers will no doubt agree that as in archeology, if one knows where to search, digs deeper and is blessed by serendipity , treasure, sometimes priceless treasure, can be discovered. The Napoli National Archeological Museum humbly guards … Continue reading See Naples and Die…Really?