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Pink Lotus

The most important lotus, the true lotus of Buddha, is depicted as pink in color. Stemming from this title, the pink lotus represents the history and essence of Buddha. My pond has reached enlightenment….. For further reading on the symbolism of the LOTUS please go to : Abundance of Wisdom Happy photography! V.O Continue reading Pink Lotus

Berlin’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Not what you SEE but what you FEEL. My feelings are too personal about this one to share. It has taken me over a year to revisit and work these shots without being overwhelmed. Let my photography attempt to show you a tiny glimpse. Designing the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe was no easy task. It took 17 years of debate before the … Continue reading Berlin’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Gordolasque Valley, Alpes

The Valley of Marvels Located in the Mercantour National Park in the Alpes Maritimes department. Quite a feat along the windy roads to get there with a worthwhile result. The hike is splendid, no other words. These are the summer views..i can just imagine in winter when these peaks are covered in snow. It is called the valley of marvels..La Vallée des Merveilles..No contradiction here. … Continue reading Gordolasque Valley, Alpes

Quirky Paris (1)

I miss Paris so much! it’s been 18 months since my last visit…Yes the COVID. It was a twice a year trip this last decade since moving to the south of France. From home (Ariège) it’s a 4 hour high speed comfort plus train ride to the centre of my favourite city for walking, exploring, eating, lazying..and just being Parisian. Quirky Paris Series will begin … Continue reading Quirky Paris (1)

The “French Tuscany”

Tuscany and Provence seem to be the only regions of international renown for their sunflower and lavender fields in stunning rural landscapes. However, there exists a small region in the plains of the Pyrénées Ariègeoises with a striking ressemblance to its famous neighbours and locally nicknamed as “The Secret French Tuscany”. Head on the National roads towards the Pyrénées from Carcassonne to Mirepoix for a … Continue reading The “French Tuscany”

Quirky Tour de France

The quirky silly nonsense is built into the event. “La Caravane” is the Big crowd drawing parade of advertisers who throw free gifts at supporters and play loud french party music ..from the disco era of course..Donna Summer etc..and the latest rave music…Cacophony ensured! Lets get the party going and cheer the cyclists on people!!! Make sure to stand next to these catalans and the … Continue reading Quirky Tour de France

Mont St Michel

In Normandie, rising above the temperamental tides and famished quicksands, Mont St Michel has dominated the bay since Medieval times. Millions of christian pilgrims and tourists have since been drawn to visit this surreal and powerful site. Mont St Michel is a Mass tourism Site so pick your time of year carefully if like me you are crowd phobic. We went by camping car and … Continue reading Mont St Michel

London’s battle of the Highest Rises

Winner is the most omnipresent…. I just went through my London Skyline shots and had a laugh at the visible battle of cocks in London..gotta love it! but seriously London’s skyline is awesome : look here. Players: The Walkie-Talkie, The Shard, The Gherkin. The Gherkin The Shard The Walkie-Talkie Dont worry guys you’re all wonderful! more London please… V.O Continue reading London’s battle of the Highest Rises

Quirky Tuscany

The weird stuff you see in the back streets …and the even weirder stuff silly people do on holiday and what silly commerçants do to please those silly’s a synergy… Freaky Mannequins Sillyness…. The autos.. It is not the size that counts..but if you can park it.. Bicycles Street Art ..literally Bizarre statues The menus for the touristas..(they are not Davids) Dante’s tomb David … Continue reading Quirky Tuscany

Psychedelia in Lima, Peru

Scroll as I stroll through the ecclectic mix of architecture from Roccocco, Colonial Renaissance to Art Deco and everything in between. Bright, colourful, an outstanding effort from Lima City in the guardianship and exhibition of its long, rich and glorious history. Blues Reds Mustards Peachy Weird Street Shots Psychedelia of charge..just wander the streets in El Centro. V.O Continue reading Psychedelia in Lima, Peru